Why having dessert is actually a good decision for your health

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Why having dessert is actually a good decision for your health

When you are done with your dinner or lunch or even breakfast there is a craving. This is the craving to eat something sweet and delicious after the meal. Many people curb this urge as they feel that having a dessert is not a good decision for their health. However, as it turns out is actually good to indulge in something sweet and savoury every day. It is important to understand the importance of moderation while having the dessert. A little of sweetness can be great if it is done right and consumed in small portions. Let’s find out why you must have something sweet every day. (Also read: What are the causes behind the trembling of hands)

Protects you from strokes
According to a 10-year study, it was observed that people who had dark chocolate after a meal were less likely to have a stroke. It does wonder to your health if taken in a small amount.

Kills your cravings
When you decide to avoid eating dessert you only feed to its craving. As a result, when you have it you end up eating an unhealthy amount. So, it is better to have the dessert in small amounts to avoid unhealthy binge eating later.  (Also read: What are the signs that you are consuming too many proteins)

Lowers your blood pressure
When you have a dessert that is based on dark chocolate then it will be a good decision for your blood pressure. It helps to lower your blood pressure according to a research. Once again it is important to remember that you must take it in small portions, else it can be a bad decision health wise.

It puts you in a good mood
When you start denying yourself the little pleasure of life, you are harming your own mood. So, it is better to lift your mood with sweet treats that can keep you happy.

Portion is the key
When you decide to have dessert after the meal, it means you are making a conscious decision. So, remember to have it in the right portion. (Also read: Which everyday things are dirtier than a toilet seat)

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