Why Few Fishes Are Not Good To Eat

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Why Few Fishes Are Not Good To Eat

Fishes are healthy to eat as they are an important source of proteins and vitamins. From helping in brain development to giving relief from depression and reducing the risk of type 1 diabetes, eating fish is extremely beneficial for health. However, before including fish in your diet, make sure that you are aware of some facts. You cannot eat all fishes as some may not be good for your health. It can pose some serious side effects or threat for any fatal disease. Thus, you must include and consume fishes which are high in nutrients and safe to eat. Therefore, to make you aware of the facts, find below the types of fishes you should never ever eat. [Also Read: What Are The Lunch Mistakes We All Should Avoid Strictly]

Tilapia Fish:

What Are The Types Of Fishes You Should Never EatThough Tilapia fish contains a good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, however, the concentration of Omega-6 fatty acids is comparatively higher. Omega 6 fatty acids are the type of unsaturated fats which can pose the risk of heart disease, asthma, arthritis and many others.

Moreover, according to the research by Wake Forest Researchers, the farmed Tilapia fish has many fatty acids which are extremely harmful to health and can increase the problem of cholesterol too.


What Are The Types Of Fishes You Should Never EatFarmed catfish are harmful to eat because farmers feed them with hormones which are not good for the human body. Moreover, farmed seafood is high in PCB i.e., Polychlorobiphenyls, antibiotics, inflammatory fats and other pollutants which can worsen humans health by causing fatal diseases like cancer. [Also Read: Foods You Must Avoid If You Have Digestive Problem]


Mackerel fish is also good in Omega 3 fatty acids. However, species like Mackerel King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel contain a high level of mercury and is harmful to the human body. According to the data by Environmental Defense Land, Mackerel fish has elevated level of mercury. It is highly recommended that pregnant women and kids should restrict their consumption to this type of fish. Mercury poisoning causes a great threat to the nervous system.


What Are The Types Of Fishes You Should Never EatBlackfin, white and bluefin tuna fishes are intoxicated with mercury. Hence, it is not advisable to eat these fishes according to Environmental Defense Land. Moreover, tuna fish is also concentrated with heavy metals because they eat contaminated fishes from the water. Thus, it increases the risk of heart disease in humans.


Why Few Fishes Are Not Good To EatAccording to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, Eel should be restricted from consumption. Eel fish has a high level of contamination including PCBs (Polychlorobiphenyls) which is tremendously harmful to the human body.


Why Few Fishes Are Not Good To EatThe Pangasius fish also contains a high level of contamination including CHLs and HCHs. Moreover, the fish is not at all environmentally sustainable.

Farm Raised Salmon:

Why Few Fishes Are Not Good To EatThe farmed fish includes all the pesticides, bacteria and faeces which may act as a poison to the human body. The high amount of dioxins and low levels of Omega 3 fatty acids make it a never to eat fish.

Therefore, make a wise choice before including these fish in your meals. Despite the ones mentioned above, you can definitely eat Salmon, Atlantic Mackerel, Pacific Sardines and so on! [Also Read: What are the things that you should never add to your coffee]

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