Why Eating Food With Hands Is Good

Why Eating Food With Hands Is Good

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Seeing people eating with hands is not-so-common these days. It is considered to be unhygienic by many and does not portray good manners. However, the fact is that eating your food with hands is way more hygienic and good for health. When you eat with your hands you connect your mind, body and soul. It is an amiable form of eating which evokes all the senses in your body which are beneficial for the health. Thus, find the reasons why eating food with the hands is good for you.

Eating Becomes Sensory:

Each finger in our hand has each sensory element i.e., Air, Water, Earth, Space and Fire. Hence, making use of hands while eating gives a sensory touch. All the five elements energise the food which we swallow making us aware of the taste, temperature, aroma and texture of the food.

Aids Digestion:

There are some good bacterias present in our hands which are beneficial for the health. Thus, eating with hands can transfer those bacteria to gut which can aid our digestion.

Induces Peaceful Eating: 

When we are eating with hands, we are so occupied that we cannot use the same hands to do any other task. For example, these days almost everyone shuffles TV channels or change radio channels while eating with spoon hence, the same is not possible when eating food with hands hence, creating calm, mindful, concentrate and peaceful eating. The same habit can also look at the quantity of food we have eaten.

More Hygienic:

Eating food with hands is way more hygienic than we eat from spoon due to two reasons. Firstly, we thoroughly wash our hands before eating which removes the germs and dirt. Secondly, we can sense the quality of food served before eating which is not possible when we use spoons or forks.

Boosts Energy:

The food you eat has stored energy in it. Hence, when you eat with your hand, your body’s energy comes in direct contact with the food you are eating. Thereby, boosting the existing energy level in your body. While you are eating with fork or spoon, the level of energy which attracts the body become less.

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