Why do you feel cold all the time

why you feel cold all the time

Feeling cold when the air conditioner is on, is a normal thing. But if you feel cold while people around saying the temperature is high, then it is time to investigate as it may be because of some health issue. It is very common among women due to susceptibility conditions that can contribute to the feeling of cold all the time. The human body relies on the various chemical reaction which maintains the body’s warmth. When there is a deficiency of essential nutrients, it may make you feel cold all the time. It very important to take precautionary measures at the earliest, if you feel cold due health issues. If such health issues do not get treated at the earliest it may become more serious. (Also read: What are the wonderful health benefits of potassium)

Let’s know the reasons for feeling cold always:

You are too thin
The low body weight may be one of the major reasons to feel cold always. People who are underweight don’t have an adequate level of body fat to insulate you from cold temperatures.

Low levels of iron
The iron levels play an important role in smooth functioning of the body. This nutrient helps red blood cells to carry oxygen in the body. If you have a deficiency of iron it may hamper this process and you might feel cold frequently. (Also read: What are the common bowel problems and their solutions)

Poor blood circulation
If you have poor blood circulation in the body then you must feel cold in your hands and feet always. Moreover, if you have heart problem then you may feel cold on the one side of the body.

Inadequate sleep properly
You also feel cold always due to inadequate sleep. An inadequate sleep impacts the nervous system as well as brain’s mechanism which regulate heat in the body. Moreover, an inadequate sleep affects metabolism.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
Depression, anxiety and fatigue are related to the seasonal affective disorder. This disorder decreases the level of dopamine due to which you may become sensitive to cold weather. (Also read: How does starvation affect your body in a negative way)

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