Why do we need sunlight in order to stay fit and healthy

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Why do we need sunlight in order to stay fit and healthy

Sunlight is extremely important for us. Lack of sunlight causes a lot of trouble in the body. Deficiency of vitamin D is one of the most common problems with which almost every 3rd person is suffering. This is due to lack of exposure to healthy sunlight. In this fast-moving and hi-tech living, we don’t get exposed to much of the early morning sunlight. This has resulted in making our body deprived of adequate sunlight. Sun is the constant source of energy to the body. And we have become so sensitive that we keep ourselves confined to our air-conditioned rooms and deprive the body of healthy sunlight too.

Sun is not only the source of light to the living beings on Earth but also a major part of our life. Thus, it is said that sunlight is one of the necessities of life. (Also read: How do tattoos affect your skin in the worst manner)

Why do we need sunlight in order to stay fit and healthy?

Provides vitamin D: Sun is the only natural source of vitamin D. Many doctors advise their patients to sit under sunlight early morning to bless their body with sufficient healthy energy. Our body extracts vitamin D from Sunlight and our body uses it. It provides energy to the body to carry out the activities of the day. Thus one should try to sit under sunlight for around 20-25 minutes daily.

Food energy: With the help of sunlight, plants turn the sunlight into food energy and the process is called photosynthesis. Plants extract the sun rays through chemical reaction and convert the same into energy and provide calories to the living beings. We all know that plants are the main source of the food cycle, thus the energy is supplied to animals and then indirectly to us as well. (Also read: Why should one avoid using aluminium foil to wrap food)

Happiness: Winters and the dark season is usually associated with depression. The change of season brings mood swings in the people. While the days become shorter during the winters, it also brings a massive change in the mood of the people. Lack of sunlight and the shady environment is connected to isolation. People feel happy in light and thus sunlight is the provider of happiness to all the living beings. Sunlight helps to stimulate the pineal gland which is located deep in the brain. It is responsible for the various activities of our body like the sleeping pattern of the body and the time when the body takes rest.

Rain: Sunlight is naturally responsible for the rain showers on Earth. The heat of the Sun leads the heat from the Earth turns into vapours and thus ultimately forms clouds. This is why we get timely showers. If there is no Sun, most of the land undergoes draught. Thought overheating by Sun also leads to drought in many parts of the world. Thus, Sunlight is necessary to have timely rain showers.

Light: None of us can forget the immense light that Sun provides us. We can’t do anything with absolutely no Sunlight with us. Can you imagine living in the dark throughout? Well, it’s as scary as it sounds. Thus, we must thank Sun for it’s ever giving natural light to carry out various activities with so much ease. (Also read: How does sleeping in a room with an air conditioner affects your health)

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