Why cooking food in microwave is harmful to your health

why cooking food in microwave is harmful to your health

Nowadays the majority of people use the microwave to reheat and cook food. Aiming to save time, people widely use the microwave as it reheats and cooks food quickly. Microwaves cook and reheat any type of foods in few minutes. However, it may destroy the nutritional value of the foods. There is still a misconception among people that microwave is beneficial for the health but the excess use of microwave may be harmful to your health. The food which is reheated in the microwaves may decrease the nutrients in the food and make it unhealthy. (Also read: What does your sweat say about your health)

Let’s discuss why microwave cooking is bad for health:

Microwaves reduce food nutrition
Heating the food with microwaves reduce the original nutrients. When you heat the food in the microwaves, the water molecules rotate rapidly in the microwave and in the food in high frequencies which creates molecular friction and heats up your food. This destroys the nutrient content in the food and also changes the molecular structure in your food.

Microwaves destroy breast milk and vitamin B-12
Heating foods in the microwave destroy the vitamin B-12 from the foods. According to the study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The researchers examined the effects of microwave heating on the loss of vitamin B-12. The results reveal that there was 30-40 percent loss of the vitamin when you reheat food in the microwave. (Also read: What Are The Sign Suggest You Need To Go For The Eye Checkup)

Microwaves can change the makeup of your blood
Your blood may be changed if you consume microwaved food. As per the Swiss clinical study, researchers examined the effect of consuming microwaved food. The result reveals that red blood cells declined and the level of white blood cells increased. Moreover, the cholesterol level also increases.

Microwaves can change your heart rate
The frequency of radiation emitted by microwave oven can affect your body instantly. As per the study conducted by Trent University, it is revealed that the radiation emitted by a microwave affect both heart rate and also heart rate variability. (Also read: What are the various signs that you have low blood sugar level)

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