Why Cleaning Your Poop With Water Is Better Than Wiping It With Tissue Paper

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Why Cleaning Your Poop With Water Is Better Than Tissue Paper

You have to agree with this, that water cleans better than any other things. Indians can not even think of washing their poop with toilet paper. We are usually habitual of using water while going to the latrine. Everything we learn and practice has some basis and facts. Foreigners use toilet papers for their own good. Its all about the region of living and practices which we follow from the childhood. But, if you compare these two things, which one will be better? If you decide from the various perspectives, using water is a better and healthy way to clean your poop. Want to know how? Have a look at the following:
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Why should you not use toilet paper?
There are many reasons Indians avoid toilet papers. We are not saying those who use toilet papers are unhygienic. But we are trying to elaborate the consequences is using this while cleaning poop. Have a look:

Harshness to your anus:
Though toilet papers look quite feathery, also they are harsh to your anus. While wiping it with toilet papers it can leave your skin with small cuts which later affect your anal skin. You may notice that these cuts can lead to irritation, swelling, and even an infection without your awareness. So, if you have to use toilet paper to clean your poop from the anus, dab it a bit then use it to avoid the harshness.

Chances of UTI:
Regularly cleaning your anus with a toilet paper can be harmful and can cause UTI, which is urinary tract infection. This happens because our female urethra is small and bacteria do not have to travel far to get into the bladder. Hence, whenever you wipe from back to front, you mistakenly throw poop particles in the front which leads to UTI easily. So, using a toilet paper could be harmful when it comes to infections. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Ginger-Honey Tonic)

You may not know that many toilet papers have many varieties. Some have fragrances, some have dyes and other chemicals. All these can irritate your sensitive anus skin. These infections can create puff-up down there. This puffiness may cause inflammation of the skin. Other than that, these unknown chemicals used in toilet papers could irritate and burn your anus. So, it’s better to avoid the skin.

Why use water to clean the poop?
We use water to clean our poop because there is nothing better than clean water which can wipe up all the dirt from our private parts. No matter if we need to clean a liquid dirt or dry dirt, water works well. Moreover, using water will not harm the anus skin. Hence, if we see overall, water is the best thing to use while cleaning poop from the anus. (Also Read: What Are The Myths About Winter Weather We All Should Stop Believing)

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