Why and how often one should change a shaving razor

Why and how often one should change a razor

We all use a razor to shave off our body hair. Many of us use the same razor for a long time without replacing it. This eventually causes skin irritation, burning sensation and red bumps on the skin. When the razor tends to rust, it is the extreme time that one should change it. To maintain personal hygiene, one should replace the shaving razor time to time to avoid any kind of infection. Using a spoiled razor isn’t a healthy practice and it can harm the body in long run. One must change the razor in order to save the skin from getting deteriorated. A good and clean razor not only keeps the skin healthy but also ensures smoothness and helps it to glow. (Also read: Which bread is good for health: White bread or brown bread)

Why and how often one should change a razor?

A person should change the razor as and when it goes dull. There is no specific time to change it. It entirely depends on how you keep your razor and how well do you protect it. Besides this, the quality of the razor also matters a lot. Sometimes, we are so carefree while dealing with our personal belongings that they end up getting spoiled or deteriorate.

If you get skin irritation or itching then you must replace your razor as soon as possible. Many dermatologists suggest that after few uses, one should replace the razor. It might cause skin nicks and red bumps on your skin after you shave off the body hair. Besides this, whenever we leave our razor open it gets exposed to bacteria and fungus. The damp edge of the bathtub or basin might ruin the texture and the blades of the razor. (Also read: Is drinking tea after the meal is good or bad)

Not just this, after a certain point of time, the razor becomes rough and hurts the skin. You will often come across bruises and cuts on your skin. Such bleeding body and cut marks on the body causes a lot of disappointment. Thus, one must change the blades often may be after 10 shaves or so. Also, after a certain point in time, the razor blade changes its colour as it gets infected. Thus make sure you do not ignore this replacement and change it time to time in order to avoid any skin infection. (Also read: How can you make your blood thin naturally)

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