Which work you should not do during exhaustion

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which work you should not do during exhaustion

When you feel excessive exhausted or tired then your work gets affected. There are many reasons for tiredness including inadequate sleep, fatigue, physical and mental problems. Exhaustion also affects the release of the hormone, body temperature, immunity and weight. Due to tiredness, people face problems like mood swings, low concentration, or even memory loss. By consuming nutritious foods and practising regular exercise you can get rid of this problem and keep yourself healthy as well. Apart from this, when you feel tired, then there are some things that you should not do. (Also read: How to eat clean to stay healthy)

Let’s know about things which you should never do during tiredness:

Do not drink too much coffee
By drinking more coffee, you feel tired all day. It also reduces the energy power of your body. When you drink coffee, caffeine lasts for 5 hours in your stomach and it will affect your health and sleeping routine

Do not do the yoga that you need more energy
Yoga definitely keeps your mind calm and provides comfort to your body. But there are some such yoga poses that require energy and when you feel tired already, then you should not do them. Instead, you can practice balasan or any other yoga pose. (Also read: How to use the leftover fruits and vegetable peels)

Do not eat snacks at midnight
When you are already tired, you should not eat snacks in the middle of the night because after sleep you have difficulty in digesting food. Avoid eating foods like burger, chips, because this can cause irritation and affect your sleep.

Stay away from social media
You should stay away from social media when you feel tired. If you use social media, you stay awake for long and the light coming from your phone will affect your brain.

Do not over workout
The workout is beneficial but excessive workout causes exhaustion. Do work out like walking or biking because it does not affect your muscles. (Also read: What are the common myths about eyes)

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