Which type of underwear is the best for man

Which type of underwear is the best for man

Choosing the right type of underwear is one of the most critical tasks. People tend to switch to their old styles even when they are facing the discomfort. However, there are a lot of styles available in the market currently, that can solve the problem of discomfort. People often struggle to make changes to their innerwear, as they are very particular about it. One must understand the type of underwear for various body types and size. Wearing too tight underwear can affect your genital area. Excess tight innerwear and wrong type of underwear can actually affect the skin and cause rashes. Besides this, our innerwear should change according to the outfit we wear. Every outfit demands different coverage and flexibility, thus one should opt the right underwear accordingly. (Also read: Why sleeping without an underwear is good for the health of a woman)

Which underwear type is the best for man?

Long leg underwear: Long leg underwears are quite comfortable and help to absorb sweat. They are often good for you to wear them during your workout session. Besides this, they need not be adjusted every now and then leading to much embarrassment in the public. It has a hammock-shaped pouch which does not cause irritation or over tightness down there.

Boxers: Boxers are actually the most comfortable type of underpants. They are loose fitted, free and let your genitals breathe some fresh air. Some boxers are loose while there are few which adjusts the body size and are quite fitted as well. One can roam around in boxers freely at home without any top wear to have maximum comfort. (Also read: Why Should You Not Wear Underwear To Bed)

Cotton briefs: Briefs are the highly used types of underwear. It is quite comfortable and covers the front and back of the male body down there. However, briefs do not cover the thigh area, thus, one should not wear it with formals or too tight fitted clothes. However, the best thing about briefs is they do not have any extra fabric that causes a bagging and makes you look fuller down there.

Trunks: Trunks are usually short leg underwears which are somewhere between what boxers and briefs are all about. These aren’t too tight or too loose to cause any discomfort. Besides this, they do not cause any extra baggage down there. One can wear trunks along with the traditional wear, formal wear, casual wear and still feel comfortable. (Also read: How can your underwear lower down your sperm count)

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