Which myths are ruining your health

Don't believe on this myths.

If you believe in myths that may ruin your health

Nowadays everyone is very serious about their health and fitness. They practice workout, follow a diet plan, and follow a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and healthy. These things are mandatory for the healthy and fit body. Apart from this, it is very important to consume right food and practice right exercises. However, people still have confusion and believe in myths. If you believe in myths then they might ruin your health. In this regard, it is very important to debunk these myths if you want to stay healthy and fit. (Also read: Yellow Urine: What are the most common causes of yellow urine)

Let’s know myths which are ruining your health

  • Superfoods have superpowers
  • Whey protein is for young bodybuilders
  • Sipping water between a meal, reduce nutrients
  • Fats are bad
  • Fruit juices help you lose weight
  1. Myth: Superfoods have superpowers
    Do not ruin your heal
    Superfoods should not be consumed in an excessive manner.

    Truth: The superfoods don’t have superpowers. The superfoods are nutrient dense food, which offers little more nourishment than others. It is beneficial to consume superfoods. But always remember don’t consume an excessive manner. Superfoods also improve the digestion, to know more click here.

  2. Myth: Whey protein is for young bodybuilders
    Truth: Many people believe that whey protein is for young bodybuilders. This not true. The protein drinks help everyone to repair the muscles. The consumption of protein powder will not ruin your health.
  3. Myth: Sipping water between a meal, reduce nutrients
    Truth: Sipping water between a meal does not reduce the nutrients. Our digestion system needs extra fluids to digest extra dry food like roti or sandwiches. Moreover, water is the key to digestion. You can consume water safely between meals without any worry.
  4. Myth: Fats are bad
    Truth: This is a major misconception among people that fats are really bad for your health. In this regard, many people gave up healthy food and opt for skinner versions of them like Skimmed milk and fat-free yoghurt. This is wrong. The body also requires healthy fats like olive oil, rice bran oil, extra virgin coconut oil and ghee.
  5. Myth: Fruit juices help you lose weight
    Truth: The fruit juice is calorie-dense drink. For one glass of oranges, you need to squeeze 4-5 oranges. Instead of drinking juice, you can consume raw fruit which is more beneficial. The consumption of fruit also provides fibre to the body. (Also read: Vitamin E Deficiency: The Common Signs Of Vitamin E Deficiency)

Believing in any myth especially when it is related to health, may ruin your health. It is necessary to debunk these myths at the earliest and get the right information about the fact. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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