Which habits make your backbone weak

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Back and waist pain is very common among people. The pain also affects the daily routine and trouble you in every way right from getting up, sitting, lying and sleeping. Generally, people ignore the light pain in the back as they think that it occurs due to excessive work or sleeping in wrong postures. There are many reasons for the pain in the back and waist like injuries or any health-related problems. One of the major reasons for the back and waist pain is due to weakness in the backbone. The backbone becomes weak due to many daily habits. If you will remain aware of these daily habits then you will be able to avoid them for the betterment of your backbone. (Also read: How to avoid the heatstroke during the summer season)

Let’s know habits which weaken the backbone:

Sit in one place for a longer time
Sitting in one place for a long time puts more pressure on the backbone. So if you stay in the same place for a long time then you are likely to have back pain. Instead of sitting in the same place for a long time, walk for 5 minutes in every hour so that the circulation of blood in your muscles improves.

Due to stress
Stress is also a big reason for weakness in the backbone. When you are under stress then there is unnecessary pressure on your neck and many muscles of the back. If you live in stress most of the time, these muscles become tight, causing weakness in the backbone. (Also read: What Are The Benefits Of Acupuncture Technique)

Due to mattress or bed
One main cause of weakness in your backbone may be your bed or your mattress. You should change the mattress every 5 to 7 years because the solidification of these mattresses get eliminated and they become loose. As a result, the body does not stay in the right poster while you are asleep.

Due high heels
The heeled sandals may also be a major cause of weakness in your backbone. Wearing high-heel sandals makes you feel pressure on your feet muscles and it causes pain in back and waist. Keep in mind that your sandals should be lightweight and heels must not be too high.

Along with other harmful side effects of cigarette, weakness in the backbone is also one of the major drawbacks. The nicotine blocks the transportation of oxygen to the backbone. Starved of oxygen, the backbone is less able to repair itself. (Also read: Which Vitamin E Rich Foods One Must Include In The Diet)

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