Which habits are causing problems for joints

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which habits are causing problems for joints

The joint is a link between bones so you can bend your knees, wiggle your hips and move your body. Therefore, the joints play a crucial role in the movement of the body and they required extra care. The majority of people don’t pay any heed towards joints but any problem in the joints cause trouble in performing daily tasks. The joints are very delicate and the lifestyle, as well as the habits, affects the joints. There are many habits that are affecting your joints and making them weak. If you are aware of these habits then you may avoid them for the benefit of bones. (Also read: What are the things at home that make you sick)

Let’s know about the habits which may be causing problems for joints.

Crack your knuckles
The majority of people enjoy the pop comes out from tiny bubbles bursting in the fluid around your joints. It does not cause any serious problem but this habit may cause swelling in your hands and weaken your grip.

High Heels
High heels may look beautiful but it is really bad for joints. When you wear heels, your weight bends forward. Due to which your thigh muscles work to keep your knee straight, which cause pain. (Also read: Reasons why does human body need to sweat more)

Carry extra weight
The joints are very sensitive to heavy loads. It believed that every pound on your frames puts 4 pounds of stress on your knees. It also causes strains on back, hips, and feet. Therefore being overweight also cause inflammation.

Lug a Big Bag
If you lug a backpack or messenger bag on the one side of the shoulder, it can cause neck and shoulder pain. The heavyweight on the one shoulder disturbs your balance and your walk.

Use wrong muscles
If you put too much load on the small muscles then your joint may cause a problem. For instance, if you are opening a heaving door, use your shoulder muscles instead of your fingers. (Also read: What are the health benefits of yellow mustard)

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