Which fruits are a rich source of water content

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which fruits are rich source of water content

Water is necessary for the body to stay healthy and hydrated. The body requires water to survive as every cell, tissue and organ of the body need it to function properly. The body also uses water to maintain temperature, remove waste as well as helps to lubricate the joints. The scarcity of water in the body causes many problems like headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Therefore, keeping the body hydrated is very important. Drinking water is not the only way to hydrate the body. You can get more water if you consume certain fruits. The consumption of these fruits meets the requirement of water. (Also read: Which food combinations can cause gastric problems)

Let’s know which foods are a rich source of water:

The strawberries are good for hydration. They contain 91 percent of water content. They also contain antioxidants and flavonoids which improves the health of the brain.

The grapefruit contains 90 percent of water. The consumption of grapefruit meet the requirement of water and keeps the body hydrated. Moreover, the grapefruit also lowers the cholesterol level and helps in weight loss process. (Also read: What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Ice Cold Water)

Cantaloupe (honeydew melon)
The honeydew melons, also known as a honey melon contains 90.2 percent of water. They meet the requirement of water. It is also a rich source of fibre and helps in weight loss process.

The watermelon is full of water and contains 91 percent of water. It keeps the body hydrated. Moreover, it also contains lycopene, which keeps the serious disease at bay.

Pineapple is another fruit with high water content. It contains 87 percent of water content. The consumption of this fruit keeps you hydrated. Apart from water content, it also contains nutrients like vitamins A and C, thiamin, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, folate and fibre. (Also read: Which common cooking mistakes reduce nutritious value of food)

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