Which foods you should eat to increase your height

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which food you should increase height

Everyone is concerned about the height. Those people who don’t have normal height they also lack in self-confidence. Moreover, there are many supplements available in the market, which help to increase the height. But consuming these supplements can be harmful to your body and do not provide the desired result. The height also depends on your genes, nutritious foods and right exercise. Apart from this, height depends on the hormone called Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It is secreted by the pituitary gland which increases the height of the person. Therefore, it is necessary to consume nutritious foods for the smooth function HGH. (Also read: Best healthy habits that help you to live 10 years longer in life)

Let’s know which is appropriate food to increase the height.

There is calcium in the milk which strengthens your bones and works like a height booster. Apart from this, there is also protein in milk which helps in the formation of body cells, which helps in increasing the length.

Dairy Foods
Vitamin A, B, D, Protein and Calcium are abundant in dairy foods which is quite effective for increasing the height. Due to lack of vitamin D in the body, the height is less. (Also read: Why you feel cold all the time)

Vegetables and fruits
Potassium, folate and fibre are present in the vegetables and fruits in a rich amount. They also help in the development of your bones and tissues. Apart from this, there is also vitamin-C which works effectively in increasing height.

The egg contains proteins, riboflavin and vitamin-B2, due to which the bones are strengthened and also helps in increasing height. To increase the height, you should eat 3 to 6 eggs daily.

Oats are a great source of protein. It helps to increase muscle mass and in reducing fat. Eating 50 grams of oats for breakfast every day can give you better results and you will find your height increasing. (Also read: What are the wonderful health benefits of potassium)

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