Which foods one must avoid to have healthy kidneys

Which foods one must avoid to have healthy kidneys

We all must choose our food wisely in order to stay healthy and fit. There are certain food items that impact our health in the worst manner. Not just this, some food items are extremely bad for the health of specific organs of the body. Kidneys are responsible for carrying out an essential function of the body. It cleanses the body and flushes out the toxins by the formation of urine. Usually, health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure often affect the function of kidneys and impact your overall health. Thus, we need to choose our food items wisely to ensure healthy functioning of all our body parts. (Also read: How are jamun or black plums beneficial for health)

Which foods must one avoid to have healthy kidneys?

Processed food: Processed food items like meat, chicken, nuts, wafers etc. have a high amount of sodium and nitrate in them. It impacts the kidney in the worst way possible. If you want to stay healthy and fit then you should consume fresh foods and meat items as they have low sodium and low nitrate in the body.

Butter: Being made up of animal fat, it has a high level of cholesterol, calories as well saturated fats. Thus, one must reduce the consumption of butter and switch to vegetable oil as they contain good fats. Olive oil is the best option as it has low trans fat and less saturated fat. Excess of butter also impacts the liver health and disrupts its functioning. (Also read: Best healthy habits that help you to live 10 years longer in life)

Soda: Soda has no good to do to our body. It is just full of artificial sweeteners and sugar which only harms our body. Being high in calories, it leads to weight gain as well. According to studies, carbonated drinks or soda drinks often leads to kidney diseases. Soda drinks such as cold drinks, energy drinks, even diet soda have no nutritional value. Thus, they are of no good to the body.

Mayonnaise: Mayonnaise is full of calories for around 103 calories in a single tbsp. THus, being high on saturated fats, sodium, sugar and other addictive preservatives, they are not at all healthy for the kidneys and the overall body.

Frozen food items: Due to lack of time, many of us these days have started switching to frozen food. Almost everything these days come in frozen form with lots of additives in them. They not only affect our health but are also responsible for the health of the kidneys. Thus, we all should eat freshly made food. Frozen food always have a high amount of sodium and thus they are harmful to the health of kidneys. (Also read: How does starvation affect your body in a negative way)

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