Which foods one must avoid eating during the summer season

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What are the foods one must avoid eating during the summer season

Summers are at their peak and we often feel happy about the wide range of cold and fresh things we get to eat. Also, summers bring along a wide range of food items to hop upon. However, there are some food items which we should avoid eating during summer time in order to stay fit and healthy. Excess of ice creams, cold drinks, sugar, dairy products and junk food are not at all healthy to be consumed during the summer season. They not only increase the risk of health issue but also affects our skin. It is always advisable to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. Many of the food items are now available throughout the year. As a result, people are falling sick. (Also read: How does excess sugar harm our body)

What are the foods one must avoid eating during the summer season?

Grilled meat: Grilled meat is cooked at a very high temperature. When summers are already at their peak and the temperature outside is high as well, grilled meat is not fit to eat. When it is cooked at high temperature, the carcinogen(a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue) capability of the grilled meat increases. Thus, one must avoid eating grilled meat during summers.

Dairy product: We all love shakes, ice creams, yoghurt, cheese etc. But during summer time, we should minimise our consumption of these dairy products. As the temperature is really hot and high during summer, our body too produces heat. When we consume these food items they start fermenting in our stomach. It leads to the problem of indigestion. (Also read: What are the ways to avoid getting food poisoning)

Oily and junk food: Most of us hop on the junk and oily food quite frequently. However, junk and oily food are extremely bad for the overall health of the body. It owers down our immunity and spoils your skin health too. Besides this, it is also difficult to digest such oily food during summers.

Excessive spices: Spices are necessary to add the flavour to your dishes. However, spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, peppers, star anise are extremely high in heat. They further increase the body temperature and make you fall sick. It might also lead to dehydration as well.

Alcohol: We all long for a chilled beer and some fresh mint cocktails, however, an addition of alcohol in the body during summers is not at all healthy. It increases the body temperature and might lead to dehydration. It also leads to the problem of diarrhoea during summer. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of onion peels)

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