Which foods can cause dark stool

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Which food cause dark stool

The colour of stool your changes due to improper function gastrointestinal tract

As your body parts say a lot about your health, your stool colour also reveals about your health. If your stool colour is wrong then it is a sign of many health-related problems. So, if you find any change in the colour of your stool then you must not ignore it. The colour of stool your changes due to improper function of the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes your stool colour changes due to consumption of unhealthy food. In this case, you should know which food is better for your health and which does not affect your gastrointestinal tract. Your stool becomes dark-coloured even by consuming iron-rich foods. So take care of your food and eat the right foods. (Also read: Yellow Urine: What are the most common causes of yellow urine)

Below mentioned food cause dark stool:

  • Beans
  • Sugary drinks
  • Caffeine
  • Junk Foods
  • blueberry
  1. Beans
    Iron is present in high amounts in beans and it affects your stool. Apart from this, the frequent consumption of beans also causes a stomach-related problem. It causes constipation and also affects your bowel movement.
  2. Sugary drinks
    Sugary drinks contain caffeine and preservative, which is the reason for your dark stool. High consumption of sugar-containing foods causes bloating, acidity and weight gain.
  3. Caffeine

    Excessive consumption of caffeine cause dark stool.

    Excessive consumption of caffeine affects your overall health. The caffeine causes dehydration problems and your stool’s colour also become dark. If you consume more caffeine, you may also have other stomach-related problems.  If you have an addiction to coffee, here are tips to get rid of the same. To know more click here.

  4. Junk Foods
    Junk foods contain high amounts of sugar and fat which affect your stool. Apart from this, the digestive system takes time to break down junk foods, due to which the weight also increases and your stool’s colour becomes dark.
  5. Blueberry

    Dark stool reveals many health problems.
    Dark stool may be caused by consumption of blueberry.

    Blueberries contain high amounts of iron that affect the movement of the bowel, due to which your stool colour becomes dark. It also promotes other stomach related problem. (Also read: How to protect yourself from the problem of constipation while travelling)

The colour of your stool reveals many things about your health. Moreover, the consumption of some food causes dark stool and other stomach related problems. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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