Which foods are a rich source of iodine

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which foods are rich source of iodine

An iodine is necessary for the development of nervous system and for boosting metabolism. It is very important to consume sufficient amount of iodine for the proper functioning of the body. The recommended quantity of iodine 150 mcg per day but the pregnant women should consume it in higher quantity. The deficiency of iodine in the body can cause various health problems like goitre, difficulty in breathing and problems in swallowing. There are many foods which are the rich source of iodine. If you are well aware of these iodine-rich foods then you can prevent the deficiency of the iodine. (Also read: What are the health benefits of iodine)

Let’s discuss the foods which are the rich source of iodine:


The seaweed is one of the best sources of iodine. Moreover, it is also a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. However, the quantity of iodine in seaweed depends upon the region in which it is grown and its preparation. The most popular seaweed include kombu kelp, wakame and nori.

Cod is a type of fish, which is a rich source of iodine. Cod is also low in calories but provides many minerals, nutrients as well as iodine to the body. However, the amount of iodine in Cod depends on whether the fish is farm-raised or wild-caught.

which foods are rich source of iodine
The dairy products are the rich source of iodine. One cup of milk provides 59-112% daily recommended amount of iodine. Moreover, cheese and yoghurt also contain a good amount of iodine. (Also read: What are the various food items that help in the brain development of children)

Shrimp is also a good source of iodine. Moreover, it also low-calorie and protein-rich food. The shrimps are a good source of protein as they absorb some of the iodine that is present in seawater.

which foods are rich source of iodine
Eggs are also a rich source of iodine. Moreover, eggs also are a good source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. However, most of the iodine comes from the egg yolk. (Also read: What are the facts about body temperature we all must know)

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