Which food items you should eat after removing wisdom teeth

which food you should eat after removing wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are also called as third molars, which grow at the back of gums. The wisdom teeth generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 25. The majority of people have four wisdom teeth, which grows in each corner of the mouth. Sometimes, there is small space at the back of mouth due to which wisdom cause odd angle or partly emerged. This condition is called as impacted wisdom teeth. The impacted wisdom teeth cause various problems like damage neighbouring teeth as well as infections. In this regard, people often remove wisdom teeth to get rid of problems. Once the wisdom teeth are removed it is very important to consume right nutrition. The nutrition plays an important role to reduce swelling and pain. It more important to consume food items which are soft and easy to chew. (Also read: What are the easy ways to improve your posture)

There are several foods which you should eat removing wisdom tooth:

Blended Soups
Soups like tomato or pumpkin are the best option to consume after the removal of wisdom teeth. The soups are easy to eat because they do not irritate the area of the removed teeth. Moreover, the soups are a rich source of nutrients and keep you hydrated.

After dental surgery, consuming broth is an excellent source of vitamins and mineral. It keeps you hydrated. But consume the broth either lukewarm or cold to avoid irritation. (Also read: Amazing health benefits of eating dalia with milk)

Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt is one of the healthiest food that you can enjoy after dental surgery. The Greek yoghurt is a rich source of protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium and zinc. These food items escalate the recovery process. The presence of zinc helps to heal the wound.

Mashed Potatoes
The mashed potatoes are one of the best options for removing wisdom teeth. The potatoes contain an adequate amount of calories and nutrients which escalate the recovery process.

Mashed Bananas
Bananas have a soft texture which makes them easy to chew after the removal wisdom teeth. It will not cause any type of discomfort. Moreover, it provides essential nourishment to the body which helps in the recovery process. (Also read: What are the main causes of body ache)

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