Which food items you are storing in wrong places

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which food items you are storing on wrong places

Food plays an important role to keep you healthy. Whatever food you eat, it is necessary to keep them in the right place. If you keep them in the wrong place, they will get rotten and germs also creep on them. It can be harmful to your health. Keeping the ingredients in the wrong place or cooking them in the wrong vessel can make you sick. Keep your food items in that place or in a vessel where they are safe. Many people do not know the right place to keep food thus here is an important information regarding the storage of food items. (Also read: Weird things which help you fall asleep)

Let’s find out some of the foods that you have been keeping in the wrong place.

If you put the bread in the refrigerator then it is wrong. The wheat flour which is used for making bread is full of granules of starch and due to the exposure of starch to moisture, it breaks down. As a result of which the bread tends to dry out quickly. Dry bread becomes tasteless. Always keep the bread in the box so that it stays fresh for longer time.

Many people waste the flour because they do not store it properly. Often flour paper comes in the packaging to store the flour in it. However, out of ignorance people do not use it and put it in the cabinet. However, it can reduce the life of the shelf due to the exposure to the fungus. In this regard, keep the flour in an airtight container. For the dough, you should keep the container in a refrigerator. The dough should never be stored at room temperature because the oil found in it can spoil the same. (Also read: What are the facts about body temperature we all must know)

If you do not store the potatoes correctly, it starts germinating or gets spoiled. Potatoes should not be kept in the refrigerator. Besides this, do not even keep the potatoes directly to the sunlight, at the bottom of the sink and near the oven because it can stimulate toxins that can be detrimental to your health. Potatoes should be kept in a cold or dark place.

You must properly store your medicines before it is consumed. Keeping medicines in the wrong place can be detrimental to your health. You should not keep medicines in the bathroom cabinet because they can get spoiled due to steamy shower and vanity lamps. Heat, cold, moisture and light can damage the drug and make it less effective. Store your medicines in the kitchen cabinet. (Also read: What does a strong craving to eat specific food indicates)

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