Which food combinations can cause gastric problems

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Which food combinations can cause gastric problems

Finding the right combination of food items is an important part of maintaining a healthy diet. The right combination is important not just for good health, but also to provide the best of the benefits of the food. However, not many people know that the wrong food combination can harm your health in the worst possible manner. Many people suffer from health problems due to bad food combination. One of such problems is the problem of gas. These combinations might be appealing to your taste buds but they are not so good for your stomach. So, one must know the food combination that can possibly lead to gastric problems. (Also read: What are the shocking side effects of mushrooms)

Starch and sugar
Many people like to have bread and jam or bread and jelly in the breakfast. However, when you consume starch and sugar together then it can lead to fermentation. This fermentation can cause gastric problems.

Meat and potatoes
Combination of meat and potatoes is not good for your health. The meat has proteins and potatoes have carbohydrates. So, when you have them together, it can lead to the gas problem as well as other problems.

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Fruits and protein or starch
The fruits contain ordinary sugar so it doesn’t take long to digest them. That means fruits don’t stay in the stomach for too long. When proteins and starch are combined with the fruits then they have to stay long for the digestion of proteins or starch. This leads to gas problems.

Dairy products and starch
It takes a little while to digest the dairy products and if you have them with starch then it takes longer to digest, which cause gastric problems.

Fruits after meal
Everyone knows the fruits are an integral part of our diet. However, combining fruits with certain food items can be harmful to you. At the same time having a fruit after a meal is not a good idea. It slows down the digestion and leads to less absorption. All these cause gastric troubles.

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