What are the daily habits that reduce the lifespan

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which daily habits that reduce your lifespan

We all know that the average life of a person is 80-100 years. Every person wants that the body of his life should remain healthy for as long as he lives. If your health is not good, whether it’s is physical or mental it affects your life. Good health is important for your longevity. Keeping yourself healthy is not as easy as the person understands. Some of your daily habits can increase your life while some decreases it. (Also read: What are the health benefits of potassium)

Let’s know about habits that can reduce your lifespan.

More salt consumption
If you are very fond of eating and prefer to eat more salt then it can have an effect on your health. The consumption of foods that contain an excessive amount of salt can cause high blood pressure. This can cause heart-related problems.

If you do not wash hands properly by using an antibacterial soap after coming out of the gym or elsewhere, do not take bath properly, do not follow hygienic habits then many microbes creep into your body. Which leads to the possibility of many diseases. It also affects your lifespan. (Also read: What things you must never do after eating)

Chewing Nails
Chewing nails do not seem to be an unhealthy habit to many people. The harsh reality is chewing nails can be the reason for many deadly diseases if you do it every day. There are some bacteria in the nails that go into the body and dilute the blood, which is harmful to your health.

Do not eat proper breakfast
By avoiding a daily breakfast, your metabolic level and immunity decreases. When your immunity and metabolism are reduced, the body is unable to fight diseases. Due to which the disease increases and your lifespan is reduced.

Consuming late night snacks
If you have a habit of eating snacks late at night, then it can reduce your lifespan. Consuming unhealthy foods reduces your metabolism during late night. Moreover, it also leads to many diseases. (Also read: How gut bacteria affects your weight)

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