Which common cooking mistakes reduce nutritious value of food

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which common cooking mistakes reduce nutritious value of food

Healthy food plays a very important role in maintaining your health. If you adopt an apathetic attitude towards the eating habits then it may cause trouble for your health. The healthy food provides important nutrients and vitamins to your body. These essential vitamins and nutrients help the body to function properly and also keep many diseases at bay. Moreover, the nutrition value of food depends upon the cooking style. Cooking is an art and well-cooked food provide adequate nutrients and vitamins that nourish the body and also detoxify it. Thus helping you to stay healthy. But many times people commit mistakes while cooking food, due to which their nutritious value decreases and also cause many kinds of diseases. (Also read: What are the shocking side effects of mushrooms)

Let’s know about mistakes which people generally commit while cooking food.

Boiling raw vegetables
The nutritious value of the raw vegetables is decreased if you boil them. Therefore, instead of the boiling of the vegetables use steam, because it will keep all the nutrients present in them. The consumption of steamed vegetables is beneficial for health.

Overcooking food is also a mistake. The overcooking destroyers essential nutrients from the food. Apart from this, the overcooking also spoils the taste of food. (Also read: What are the health benefits of gelatin)

Avoiding salt
Salt is important to use salt in the food. It is made of sodium and chloride. It helps in controlling the fluid of the body. Sodium helps the body to absorb chloride, amino acids, glucose and water. Salt also controls blood pressure.

Extra frying the vegetable
If you fry the vegetables for a very long time, then it decreases the nutrients of vegetable. It is not good to fry them because during this method water-soluble nutrients are destroyed.

Chopping vegetable way early
If you chop the vegetables long before cooking, they can be dehydrated and lose their fresh taste. Do not freeze after cutting, because it can be harmful to your health.

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