Which bread is good for health: White bread or brown bread

Which bread is good for health : White bread or brown bread

Earlier people were hardly aware of the availability of brown bread or wheat bread in the market. Now people are well acquainted with the option of having wheat bread or brown bread. Brown bread or wheat bread is indeed full of essential nutrients that are actually healthy for the body. It contains natural nutrients and whole grains which is beneficial for the body. While people are becoming more conscious about their diet plan these days, they are giving up eating white bread and eating whole grain bread. There is not only just the difference between the colour of the two slices of bread but also their nutritious value. Brown bread has low calories which help to get rid of obesity, lowers the risk of diabetes and various health issues. (Also read: Is drinking tea after the meal is good or bad)

Which bread is good for health: White bread or brown bread?

Which bread is good for health: White bread or brown bread
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Nutritious value: Brown bread is more nutritious than the white one. Whole grains have more nutrients in comparison to that of the refined ones. Brown bread has more fibres, vitamin B6, magnesium, folic acid, zinc, copper and manganese. White bread has low fibre but has a greater amount of calcium compound in it.

Glycemic index: Brown bread or wheat bread has a low glycemic index. Thus, they are healthy to eat as well. With the low glycemic index leads to lowering the sugar level in the body hence reduces the risk of diabetes and other heart-related diseases in the body. (Also read: How can you make your blood thin naturally)

Calorie count: White bread contains added sugar which makes it less healthy. It has more calories in comparison to that of brown bread. Do not consume more than two slices of white bread if at all you want to have it. It is best to avoid eating white bread as much as you can.

Processing of bread: While the white bread is being made, the extra bran and wheat germ are removed. However, potassium, bromate, benzoyl peroxide and chlorine dioxide gas are mixed in order to bleach the white bread. Thus it leads to various health issues. However, on the other hand, brown bread or wheat bread contains bran and maintains the healthy nutritious value in them.

However, some people do not really like the taste of brown bread and want to consume white bread only. But one should keep in mind the nutritious value of both the bread to maintain their well being. (Also read: Is cooking food with tap water safe or not)

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