What does your fart say about your health

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what you farts say about your health

Despite farting is a natural process of the human body but sometimes it causes embarrassment. The farting is a natural process which occurs when the body releases air that enters in the digestive system accidentally. Moreover, the excessive acid production in the stomach, improper digestion also cause fart. The majority of people feel shy while talking about the fart and often term it as awful. Ironically, the fart is a natural process and it reveals many things about your health. It may sound bizarre but it is a fact the fart reveals many things about your health. There are different kinds of farts. (Also read: What are the amazing health benefits of farting)

Let’s find out what your fart say about your health:

Stinky Farts
what you farts say about your health
Despite the stinky farts cause embarrassment but they are normal. This odour is created when the body breaks down the foods that contain sulfur. There are many healthy foods like broccoli, cauliflower, beans and milk which contain sulfur. The stinky fart occurs after this type food is consumed.

Extremely Stinky Farts
If you are passing out extremely stinky farts which is totally unbearable, then it is a sign of stomach related problem. The stinky farts occur due to intestinal issues. If you are passing same gas after consuming dairy products then it may be the signs of lactose intolerance.  (Also read: Why Should You Never Hold A Fart)

Odor-free Farts
The odour-free farts are completely healthy. The odour-free farts occur after the air is swallowed while drinking fizzy drinks or talking. Moreover, these odour-free farts are similar to burps.

Frequent Farting
An average person farts around 20 times in a day. If you are farting more than average then it could mean that you are suffering from excessive gas and bloating. Moreover, it also means that you are suffering from food allergy. (Also read: What are the things you need to cut from your life for better health)

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