What things you must never do after eating

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What things you must never do after eating

Eating is a crucial part of the day. Everyone must have heard that you should swim after eating or do some other activity after eating. Often people brush them off like an old wives’ tale, but it in fact true. One should avoid few activities after having a hearty meal. Eating is an activity that is important to provide energy to the body, but for that, the digestion is equally important. To maintain a healthy digestion it is important that you pay attention to your activities after the meals. So, try to avoid the following activities! (Also read: What are the essential nutrients to grow taller)

The habit of sleeping right after eating is a really bad one. It leads to the problem of bloating, uneasiness and burning sensation. You are unable to digest the food properly. So, it is better to walk after the meal.

Bathing or showering
When you shower right after eating then you might face the problem of indigestion and stomachache. Furthermore, it simply weakens the digestive tract. So, don’t shower after having a meal.  (Also read: What are the things you need to cut from your life for better health)

Many people have a cigarette after having a meal. It is a really bad habit. The nicotine present in the cigarette gets mixed with oxygen and increase the absorption of the Carcinogen. Therefore it important that you quit the habit of smoking immediately.

Having tea
Many people have tea after eating. This habit hampers the absorption of the iron and protein. So, it is better that you avoid having a cup of tea after the meal.

Consumption of the fruits
Even though it sounds completely weird but having fruits are having a meal is not good for the digestive tract. Usually, the body is able to process and digest the fruit easily. However, when you consume right after finishing a meal it leads to excessive burping, indigestion, burning sensation etc. (Also read: What are the best food swaps for a healthy life)

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