What is your tongue telling about your health

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What is your tongue telling about your health

Your tongue is a very important sense organ. It helps you to recognize the taste and help in the process of digestion. However, your tongue has much more to offer, it helps to recognize the early signs of many diseases. So, the next time you look at the mirror you need to take a look at your tongue so that you can check for any changes in your tongue. If you find that your tongue or texture is different than normal then you must take it seriously. Usually, people ignore these signs but if you focus on these sign then you might be able to identify some major problems. (Also read:  Why do you feel thirsty all the time)

White coating on the tongue
If your tongue is coated with a white creamy layer then it might be because of yeast infection, Yeast infection can be the cause of antibiotics, chronic stress or excessive intake of sugar. It can also be because of contraception pills. All these are the reasons behind the white coating on your tongue.

Dark red or maroon
The dark red colour of the tongue can be a cause of worry. This colour of tongue signifies the deficiency of vitamin B. This mostly happens because of Vitamin B 12 or iron deficiency. In this case, the tongue’s colour changes to the colour of strawberry or colour of beetroot. (Also read: What are the things you should never do in the morning)

Cracks on the tongue
The cracks on the tongue increases due to the increasing age. It is completely normal. It is a similar process as the wrinkles on the skin. On the other hand, it can be a result of bad oral hygiene

White spots on the tongue
White spots on the tongue can be a sign of sign of dehydration. It is not a serious condition but it is better if you increase your water intake. It can be a result of lack of proper tongue cleaning which leads to fungal infection. (Also read: What happens to your body when you quit alcohol)

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