What is yogic diet plan and what are its benefits

what is diet plan and its benefits

A yogic diet is a balanced diet plan. Yogic believes that the yogic diet is not influenced by physical health or well being but also our thoughts, emotions and spiritual well being. This diet plan is also termed as lacto-vegetarian. It is made up of no-animal foods with exceptions of dairy products and honey. The yogic diet plan maintains your energy throughout the day and you also feel light. Apart from this, if you don’t consume animal food then it helps you attain a higher level of spirituality by generating positive energy. (Also read: What are the various nutrition tips that every man should know)

Let’s know more yogic diet:

What is yogic diet?
Foods that are conducive to yogic practice and progress in spirituality is defined as Yogic diet. The primary purpose of doing yoga is to control the mind. The wrong practice, habits and consumption of wrong food are detrimental to the progress in yoga. Moreover, the food is one of the important factors among them. It is believed that mind and food are related to each other, so the type of food you consume have an immediate effect on the mind. Following a yogic diet is as important as yoga practice.

What are the benefits of yogic diet:

An Alkaline start
There is a ritual of drinking lemon water on an empty stomach in yogic diet, which eliminates the toxic diet and acids. Moreover, the lemon water is extremely alkaline, detoxifies and wakes ups all organs. You can also enhance its power by adding rock salt. (Also read: Which Natural Stool Softeners You Can Add To Your Diet)

Sattvic eating
There is no mention of carbs, proteins and fats in the yogic diet. The food is divided into four categories sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. The sattvic diet is helpful for clarity of mind and physical health. The food is plant-based, light, extremely alkaline and Eco-friendly. The sattvic food contains fresh fruits, green leafy, nuts and grains. Yogis only follow the Sattvic way of eating.

The food which gives you physical and emotional strength is consumed under yogic diet. Moreover, cooked food is given less importance as its fibre, nutrients and enzymes are destroyed to quite an extent. The method of sprouting is given more importance under yogic diet plan.

Good Fats
The yogic diet is incomplete without ghee, coconut oil and soaked nuts or seeds. They make food appetizing, digestible and satisfying. Moreover, they also heal the mind. The good fats improve memory as well neural conductivity. (Also read: Which low-calorie foods you should consume in summers)

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