What Is The Right Time To Eat Fruits

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What Is The Right Time To Eat Fruits

Many people advise you to eat fruits to keep your body healthy and fit. As the fruit contains essential nutrients required by the body. Definitely, you should consume fruits to fulfil the requirement of nutrients by the body. But before consuming fruits, you must be aware of this interesting fact that you can not avail the benefits of fruits if you eat fruits on the wrong time. (Also read: What Are The Surprising Health Benefits Of Walking Barefoot)

If the fruits are not consumed on right time lead to various health issues. Eating food before or after the meal can lead to many diseases associated with your stomach and your digestive system.

Let us know what are the health related problems you can eat before or later after the meal:

When you eat fruits before or later, your digestive system is busy digesting meal at that time, due to which the fruits that you eat remain in the stomach and you may face problems like gas, stomach ache and constipation. ( Also read: What Are The Foods Responsible To Make You Look Aged)

The fruits, which are left in the stomach, converted into toxic and start gathering in the diet tube. Due to which the secretion of stomach acid is affected and you are complaining of indigestion and burning in the stomach.

When the intake of stomach acid increases very much, then it comes out of the stomach and begins to harm the surrounding organs. Due to which serious problems like chest irritation, can occur.

How and when to eat fruits:

  • Fruits should always be eaten fresh and do not eat at all with milk, curd or any other thing. Do not eat anything for at least half an hour after eating fruits.
  • You can eat some fruits at any time throughout the day, but there are some fruits which should not be eaten in the evening.
  • The best time to eat fruits is in the morning. If you eat empty stomach in the morning then it is very beneficial for you. But citrus or citrus fruits should avoid eating empty stomach in the morning because it can cause acidity problems. You can eat sweet fruits like banana, apple and mango in the morning.
  • You do not eat any other thing with the melon. Because there is a lot of water in it, due to which it is difficult to digest. This may lead to the gas problem. (Also read: Health benefits of liquid egg white)

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