What Happens When You Wear Sneakers Without Socks

What Happens When You Wear Sneakers Without Socks

We all wear sneakers with a pair of socks. But sometimes it becomes quite suffocated while wearing a heavy sneaker that too with woollen socks. It becomes irresistible for someone during summers in the countries like India. That is why many people choose to wear sneakers without socks. It is like the situation when you have to consume the medicine in spite of knowing that the medicine is extremely bitter in taste. Wearing sneakers without socks can be extremely harmful and is not at all a good idea.

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Your sneakers start stinking badly:
It is quite obvious that if you wear sneakers without socks your legs will start sweating. And sweating brings stinkiness. It would make you embarrassed in front of people, you can not open your shoes in the public places, etc. Moreover, sneakers are made of foam and soft soles which are enough to make your feet sweat. But if you wear socks, this sweating gets soaked easily.

You would get blisters for sure:
Sneakers are like the closed form of shoes. It makes your legs stay covered and closed inside. Hence, you start sweating inside and your sole skin becomes softer and fragile. Hence, there are possibilities that you can get blisters on your feet. If you wear socks, your feet do not get rubbed with the sole of the sneakers. That is why you should wear sneakers to get rid of disgusting blisters. (Also Read: Why It Is Important To Sleep With Your Socks On)

Your sneakers will change colours:
When you start wearing your sneakers with our socks, the sole under the shoes become discoloured and this happens because of your sweating. If you continuously rub your feet in the white soles, it is obvious that the colour would fade out and turn into a grey colour. But if you wear socks, the rubbing happens through the soft socks material. Hence, the chances become lesser of discolouring.

You cannot keep wearing them for long:
If you wear sneakers without socks, it would become gross and wet. You may get the sound of wearing the wet shoes. It can make you feel irritated and disgusted. Moreover, if you wear them for a long time, there are chances you get skin diseases because of the bacterial fungus. So, wearing sneakers without socks is something you should not choose to do. (Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Chronic Pain At home Without Using Medicines)

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