What happens to your body once you quit smoking

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What happens to your body once you quit smoking

When somebody has been smoking for a really long time, the common question they often think of it”What’s the point of quitting now?” Whenever you decide to quit smoking at any age, after any time, your body reacts to it in a positive and healthy manner. It is important to remember that your body always looks out for itself and heals in every way possible. So, when you quit smoking, your body starts healing itself and improves your way of living. Let’s find out what happens when you decide to quit smoking! (Also read: What are the signs that you are sleeping on the wrong mattress)

After 20 minutes
In just 20 minutes of quitting this habit, your body starts responding to the change. Your pulse and blood pressure resumes its normality. Your blood circulation improves.

After 8 hour
Just after 8 hours the amount of nicotine and carbon monoxide reduces in the body. When you smoke your body start collecting carbon monoxide, which is harmful to the oxygen in the blood. (Also read: Why you should never start your day with a cup of tea)

24 hours  
When you go through the day without smoking you take step towards the health of your heart in the best way. This happens because smoking increases the blood pressure and the blood clots. Which in turn affect the health of your heart. Meanwhile the oxygen level increase as well.

2 days
This is the time when you will face the real withdrawal symptoms. You with feel the craving for a cigarette but it is really important to never give in to it. Treat yourself to something delicious. Your sense of taste and smell get better by the time. Your lungs start removing the toxins and other leftovers.

3 days
You will notice that you are having an easier time breathing. This happens because your lungs are getting better.

1 months
Your lungs start improving and you will notice that you will not face the problem of shortness of breath. You will improve the health of your heart after it.

3-9 months
After three to nine months your lungs will improve a lot. You will notice that you experience fewer health issues and problems.

1 year
This is a really big deal. Celebrate the occasion, as the risk of heart problems and lung problems have declined. You are on your way to a healthy life! (Also read: What are the various habits that are making you age faster)

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