What happens to your body if you consume two eggs daily

what happen to your body if you consume two eggs daily

It is well-known fact that eggs are very beneficial for overall health. Eggs are the rich source of quality protein and it provides an adequate amount of protein required by the body. An egg contains 77 calories, 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fats. Moreover, eggs also contain other nutrients which are helpful for the health. People consume eggs in various ways. If you consumed two eggs daily then a lot of changes will take place in your body. (Also read: What Are The Foods Can Prevent Yeast Infections Naturally)

Let’s know what happens to your body if you consume two eggs daily:

Increase the iron levels

Egg yolk contains iron which helps to absorb nutrients faster. Iron is very important mineral. It plays an important role by carrying oxygen to the blood. The deficiency of iron cause headaches, tiredness and irritability.

Lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

Eggs are very beneficial to reduce the symptoms of heart disease. Eggs are a rich source of good cholesterol as it contains 40 grams of good cholesterol. However, the good cholesterol helps to reduce the variety of heart problem. (Also read: Which foods should be consumed during illness)

Eggs improve brain functions

Eggs are beneficial to improve the health of the brain. They are the rich source of choline. Choline is responsible for strengthening the brain health. Moreover, it also helps to improve the memory of brain.

Eggs improve bone structure

Eggs are the rich source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important when it comes to calcium absorption and bone preservation.

Eggs take care of the hair and nails

Eggs are beneficial to improve the structure of nails and hairs. The eggs are loaded with minerals and nutrients which is required for the growth of nails and hair. It also contains zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and sulfur, which is necessary for the growth of hair and nails. (Also read: What does a strong craving to eat specific food indicates)

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