What happens to the body due to deficiency of water

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what happen to body due to scarcity of water

Water is precious for human life. It provides relief from a headache and back pain due to dehydration and keeps our body fresh. All parts of the body require water to function properly. At the same time, the water keeps us healthy by expelling the toxic substances from the body. Water not only extinguishes our thirst but plays an important role in the digestive tract. That is why we need an adequate amount of water every day. But when we do not meet the daily requirement of water, we suffer from dehydration. Thus, we become a victim of many diseases. (Also read: What are the reasons behind frequent headaches)

Let’s know problem occurs due to a shortage of water in the body:

The main cause of constipation is the lack of fluid in the body. The amount of water is very high when food enters in the stomach. And the stomach absorbs water for proper construction of the stool. But due to the lack of water the stool becomes dry in the intestines, which causes constipation.

Due to water dehydration, the water inside the cells starts drying and in order to prevent this process, our body begins to produce more cholesterol. This causes cholesterol problems. (Also read: What are the health benefits of consuming dinner early)

Water deficiency can also cause many skin problems like eczema. The body needs an adequate amount of water to take out the toxic substances. Water dilutes toxic substances so that the skin does not feel irritable. But due to lack of water, this problem increases.

Fatigue and lack of energy
The water is required by every part of the body to function properly. Due to lack of water in tissues, the activities of enzymes slow down. In such a situation, you start feeling tired. Therefore, if you drink an adequate amount of water then feel energized throughout the day and not feel tired. 

Blood pressure problem
Due to lack of water, the amount of blood in the body is not enough to fill the arteries, nerves and capillaries completely. Which cause you to suffer from both high and low blood pressure.  (Also read: What are the health benefits of Greek yoghurt)

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