What foods should not be consumed during constipation

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what foods should not be consumed during constipation

The trouble in the bowel movement of the digestive system can cause the problem of constipation. There are many reasons for the problem of constipation like changes in lifestyle or not eating food at the right time. During constipation, you have to take more care of your food. The use of certain foods helps in the relief of constipation while other escalate the problem. Consumption of foods that constitute constipation should be avoided. (Also read: Which food items increase the problem of a headache)

Let’s know about foods that should be avoided during constipation.

Fried Food
High-fat food halts the bowel movement. It is not necessary that high-fat foods also contain high amounts of fibre. Fat takes time to digest. Because of which the problem of constipation erupts, so avoid having fried food during constipation.

Dairy Products
Many people suffer from constipation due to the intake of dairy products. This is due to the effect of lactose present in dairy products. Due to the high amount of fat in some dairy products, the problem of constipation increases. In this regard, the dairy products should be avoided during constipation. (Also read: How Does Ageing Affect Our Body)

Banana contains high amounts of fibre and carbohydrate. The presence high amount of fibre disturbs the bowel movement. The consumption of banana would escalate the problem of constipation. It is better to avoid banana during constipation.

Rice does not digest very easily. The consumption of white rice disturbs the bowel movement as white rice has more fibre than brown rice. During constipation, the consumption of white rice should be avoided.

Cookies are the source of refined carbohydrates. Which contain low amounts of fibre and high amount of fat. During constipation, the consumption of cookies should be reduced as it worsen the constipation problem. (Also read: What Are The Signs Say That Your Body Wants More Fibre)

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