What foods are you consuming in their unhealthy form

Foods that you are consuming in their unhealthy form

Foods that you are consuming in their unhealthy form

These days people are really into healthy eating options. That is the reason that people try to make their food at home. However, sometimes, while preparing the food at home we often make a few mistakes and due to these mistakes, we ruin the nutritional value of certain food items. So, it is important to know what mistakes we are making with our food that is causing it to lose its value. These mistakes are often simple and invisible to the most us. However, to make the best of our food we should be able to cook and prepare it properly.

Foods that you are consuming in their unhealthy form

  • Apple
  • Broccoli
  • Nuts
  • Onion

There is a famous saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, people make a major mistake while consuming this fruit, they peel off its outer layer while having it. This is really wrong as it removes the major nutrition from the fruit. It is better to wash the fruit and eat it with its layer on.

You might think having boiled food is the best way to eat in a healthy manner. However, in of broccoli, when you boil it the amount of vitamin C is reduced by 22 to 34. The water absorbs the nutrition and it is later discarded. So, it is important to steam or microwave or stir-fry the broccoli to preserve its nutrition.

The nuts like almonds are supposed to great and healthy mid-day snack to have. However, the nuts also contain anti-nutrients such as lectins and phytic acid. They prevent the proper digestion of the nuts. The best way to avoid this problem is to soak the nuts before.

In most case, the onions are cooked in form of shallow frying. It is not really the best idea as the raw onion are healthier for the diet. This is because of organic sulphur compounds that have the most health benefits. So, try include more onions in the salad form.

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