What foods and drinks you must avoid while dealing with a hangover

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What foods and drinks you must avoid while dealing with a hangover

When you have too much alcohol at the night, you wake with a throbbing headache. This headache is also termed as the hangover. The impact of a hangover lasts for the whole day. Your body feels tired and dehydrated and you feel sleepy the next day. Not just this, you don’t even feel like eating, there is a constant feeling of nausea. People try all sorts of secret tricks to get rid of the hangover like lemon water, juices etc. However, at the same time, it important to avoid few things when you are dealing with an awful hangover. Let’s get to know what these things are! (Also read: How to get rid of a hangover in easy ways)

Fried food
There is a possibility that you feel like consuming fried food when you are dealing with a hangover. The fried food contains a high amount of calories and carbohydrates. It will harm your digestion and will make you feel bloated.

Orange juice
The orange juice contains natural sugar and it is acidic in nature. This cause acidity in the stomach, at the same time you have a burning sensation in your stomach. So, it is better to have water instead of any other drink. (Also read: Which nutrients deficiency you suffer from when you consume too much sugar)

Excessive coffee
To get rid of the hangover people often rely on the coffee. However, when you consume too much coffee, it actually makes your hangover much worse. The caffeine brings down the whole body’s energy down.

The consumption of pickles has a negative impact on the hangover. The nature of pickles is acidic at the same time it has too much oil in it. Furthermore, it leads to the problem of bloating and gassiness.

Sports drink
It might be a tempting option to gulp down sports drinks to get quick energy. However, it is certainly a bad decision as most of the sports drinks have high calories and sugar in them. They will simply make your hangover worst. (Also read: Which is a healthier option for you: Roti or Bread)

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