What does your sweat say about your health

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What does your sweat say about your health

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It is natural to sweat when you feel hot or you are working out. It is a natural procedure that body faces. Sweating is good for the body. When the temperature of the body rises, then nervous system signals the sweat glad about it. Sweating helps to maintain the body temperature of the body. People try various products and ways to fight the odour of the sweat. However, it is nothing to feel embarrassed about. People often forget that the sweating is also an indicator of your health condition. So, let’s get to know what does your sweat tell about your health. (Also read: Why having dessert is actually a good decision for your health)

When the temperature of the body is too much, then the sweat is formed out of the Eccrine glands. It mostly consists of water and salt. However, when you are stress then the sweat is formed out of apocrine gland, that is located in the armpit. The sweat is made of fat and protein with a stinky smell.

Lack of sodium
If your sweat is salty then it means you need more sodium in your body. The sweat burns your eyes and skin. Also, when you try to wipe it, the cloth gets the white spots, it means you have a sodium deficiency.  (Also read: What are the causes behind the trembling of hands)

Low blood sugar
When your blood sugar dips to 70 mg/dL then you feel its burn. The first sign of it is excessive sweating, especially on the back of your neck. If the blood pressure dips a little you can control it with proper diet.

When you have the condition of dehydration in the body it reflects on the sweat as well. The sweat starts burning your eyes. It better to start drinking water to avoid this problem.

Excessive sweating is a common occurrence in case of pregnancy. It happens due to hormones, blood flow and metabolism changes.  (Also read: What are the causes behind the trembling of hands)

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