What Does Your Poop Colour Say About Your Health

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What Does Your Poop Colour Say About Your Health

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Well! This topic may sound gross to you, but it is something you should be well aware of. It is a fact that the colour of your poop can tell many things about your health condition. Not only the colour, the smell, form and even the bowel movements can tell a lot about your health. You may be suffering from minor health issues which can turn into a long way serious disease. The poop colour can give a signal about that uneven health condition. So, if you stay alert about your health condition by analysing the poop colour you can take a precaution before the disease takes a bigger form. Hence, have a look at the various poop colours which say something about your health. (Also Read: Why Do We Always Need To Pee At The Middle Of The Night)

Green poop:
Greenish poop is nothing unique. Most of the time it is pretty normal. It happens because you eat green veggies like kale, spinach, broccoli etc. Not only this, sometimes many foods contains green colouring and many preservatives which are green in colour. If you are consuming capsules, then also you can have green poop. Moreover, green diarrhoea happens most likely because the meal you have taken has moved through your gut too quickly and the fat-digesting bile does not get time to turn brown.

Yellow poop:
Yellow is also not an unexpected colour for pooping. This colour is absolutely perfect for babies. If you also have this sometimes, it is not dangerous for you. But, sometimes yellow poop tells you that it has too much fat because it is greasy and smells too bad. Hence this tells you that your body is not digesting foods well. If yellow poop is happening regularly then talk to the doctor as it may be a sign of liver failure.

White or pale Poop:
If you were having diarrhoea and you took some specific medicines for this, you may get pale poop. This pale colour apparently looks like clay-coloured poop. But except that, if you have white or pale coloured poop, it may show you a signal of serious disease. This happens because of the lack of bile in your stool. This element makes stool brown colour. If somebody is suffering from Liver disease like hepatitis, then he/she may get a white or pale stool. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Suggests Lungs Failure)

Black poop:
Newborn babies usually have black poop colour. Other than that, many medicinal properties also can make your poop appear black or super dark brown. But you never know that this colour can be a sign of a serious problem. There are some foods and medicines like Black liquorice, blueberries, blackberries etc that also can make your poop black. Black liquorice, blueberries, blackberries etc.

Reddies poop:
If your poop is in red colour, it can be a signal of a bad health. The blood red colour can be a signal of serious diseases like inflammation in the colon, called colitis, cancer, Hemorrhoids, colon infection etc. So, if you get red poop, you should immediately talk to the doctor and diagnose problems. (Also Read: What Are The Everyday Habits Which Unknowingly Damages Your Eyes)

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