What Does Your Home Say About Your Health

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What Does Your Home Say About Your Health

Do you know the way you live in your house, have an effect on your health? Yes! Your house and your lifestyle have an impact on your health and say a lot about it. Your kitchen, bedroom, dining space everything has an impact on them who live inside it. A simple wall colour can wreck you. This may sound bizarre but, you will get to know about it after reading the following. Hence, have a look and know about your the negative things which can make you and your entire family unhealthy. Hope this helps you to be aware. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Get Your Lost Energy Back)

The refrigerator drawers:
Do you clean your refrigerator on regular basis? Those leftovers foods may spill some liquid to those stands and drawers which is now inviting bacteria and germs and making the entire drawer unhealthy. Moreover, there is an electric coil present in the freezer which can melt every few hours. This process can drop copper liquid to the foods and stuff in the fridge.

Indoor leaks:
If there is any leakage in the water pipe at the external or the internal walls of your home, it can cause mould growth deliberately. This can be problematic for you and your family who are prone to asthma and allergically-induced breathing problems. So, never ignore a water leakage in your home and repair it as soon as possible. (Also Read: How To Keep Your Bone Joints Healthy In A Natural Way)

Drying clothes indoors:
If you dry clothes inside for any obvious reasons, it will not be good for your health. Want to know how? A moisture from the laundry evaporates in the air inside the room and increase the humidity, dampness and condensation. This spoils the freshness of the air.

Your Vacuum cleaner:
Many of you prefer vacuum cleaner to get rid of micro dirt and allergens present in the air. But the truth is, the vacuum cleaner can sweep them all back into the air. It is all about the brand you choose. But make sure, the vacuum has a HEPA filter into it. Otherwise, the purpose will be failed.

Lights in the rooms:
What type of lights have you set to brighten up your house? Hopefully, you are not using fluorescent lights. Many of us do not know that these florescent lights can be extremely harmful to our overall health and definitely eyes. The intensity of these type of inexpensive and easy available lights can cause migraines, depression, sleep problems, eye strain etc.

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