What does your home say about your health

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what does your home say about your health

Your home and lifestyle plays an important role in your health and also reveals a lot about your health. Your kitchen, bedroom, dining, wherever you live, the colour of your wall, affects your health somehow. The majority of people are unaware of fact that some negative things in your home can affect your health badly. In this regard, you must know these things and you can take precautionary measures to avoid health loss. (Also read: What Are The Benefits Of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) For Eyes)

Let’s know about the things in the house that are harmful to health.

When you clean the refrigerator the leftover food leads to the growth of bacteria, which are harmful to your health. The refrigerators have electronic coils which melt after a short period of time. The electronic fluid can be found on the food kept in the fridge during this process, which makes the food harmful to your health.

Drying clothes inside the house
If you dry your clothes inside the house then it can be harmful to your health. Drying the clothes inside the house increases moisture. Wearing these clothes increases the risk of many health problems. (Also read: What Are The Ways in Which Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat)

Vacuum Cleaner
Many people use vacuum cleaners to clean dust and dirt in the house. The vacuum cleaner leaves these particles of dust in the air which can be detrimental to your health. Use a good quality vacuum cleaner to clean the house. It will be beneficial for both you and your family.

Room lights
Many people use fluorescent lights for lighting in the house. Many people do not know that these fluorescent lights cause side effects on health. Migraines, depression, eye pain and sleeping problems can be because of the intensity of these lights.

If there is a leakage in the walls of your house inside or outside, it can cause fungus. It can cause problems with breathing. If you ever get water leakage at home, then fix it as soon as possible. (Also read: Which organs get suffered when we smoke)

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