What does your face tell about your health

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What does your face tell about your health

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Often we look at our face to make sure that we look perfect. The beauty of the face is important for both men and women everywhere. However, your face has a lot more to show than what you know. People often ignore the subtle changes on their face. This is a very unhealthy thing. Even simple things like a pimple, acne or a spot might tell you a lot about your health. Any changes in the body are quite visible on your face if you pay attention to it. Therefore it is important that you should pay attention to any changes that occur on your face. (Also read: How to turn poop into a great one every day)

Chapped lips
Often in winters, you suffer from the problem of chapped lips. However, if you face the problem of chapped or dry lips often, then it can be due to dehydration. Dehydration is a condition when your body is not getting enough water.

Swelling under the eyes
Your eyes are the most striking feature, but it important to pay attention to what goes under them as well. Puffy eyes are the sign that you are not getting adequate sleep or you are consuming too much salt in your diet. Thus, it is important to keep a check on puffy eyes. (Also read: What is the normal blood pressure range according to your age)

Yellow teeth
Many times people aren’t so careful with their oral hygiene habits. It leads to a layer of plaque on the teeth. It is caused by eating unhealthy food items like soda, fast foods etc.

Excessive hair fall
Hair fall is quite a common problem but if you are dealing with hair fall in the context of your eyebrows and eyes lashes, then it can be a sign of Alopecia areata. In this disease, the person’s tissues start self-destruction. If that is the case with you, then you must take it seriously.

Butterfly rashes
In the case of the butterfly rashes, the rashes appear on both sides of the cheek. It signifies a skin problem or it can also be the sign of Lupus disease. (Also read: How oversleeping affects your body in a negative way)

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