What do your eyes say about your health

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What do your eyes say about your health

All the organs and parts of our body are dependent on each other. Thus, these body parts also get influenced by each other. Likewise, our eyes not only helps us to see but also as the indicator of our overall health. Our eyes are attached to the central nervous system. Things that affect our body also impacts our eyes. When you look in the mirror and notice the slightest change in your eyes then it is an indication that something is wrong with the overall health of your body. One must not ignore these signs as they suggest a lot about the overall health. (Also read: What are the mistakes one should avoid doing after reaching 30’s)

What do your eyes say about your health?

A retinal migraine: If you are seeing some temporary black spots in your eyes then it might indicate a retinal migraine. It is quite different from a normal migraine. During this, people often complaint of blurred vision and some sort of light in their eyes.

High cholesterol level: When the level of cholesterol goes up in your body, there is a feeling of temporary loss of vision. It seems as if some curtain has come in front of your eyes that makes the entire vision unclear. It occurs due to the failure of the carotid arteries to supply the blood to the eyes. (Also read: How does the belly button help to cure various types of ailments)

Thyroid: Thyroid is a part of the body located in the throat area which controls many hormones of the body. These hormones regulate the growth and the metabolism of the body. If the thyroid gland is not working properly then the muscles of the eyes might swell. You even might complain to have double vision.

Stroke: The sudden decline in the vision of the eyes indicates the possibility of a heart stroke. It also indicates that either you have undergone a stroke or you are about to have a heart stroke. In many cases, stroke leads to the loss of vision of eyes. It even leads to rupturing the nerves of the eyes. It leads to the problem of twin vision. (Also read: How to take care of your health during weather change)

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