What Are The Ways You Are Damaging Your Ears Unknowingly

What Are The Ways You Are Damaging Your Ears Unknowingly

All of our 5 organs are needed to live a healthy life. They are like oxygen. All organs have various activities. After eyes, ears come under importance. Ears are the gift of hearing. When it comes to daily living, ears take extremely important part. Without ears, the most beautiful creation in this worlds would be missing, which is music. The power of hearing makes a person spontaneous to the actions. But, do you know you are gradually damaging your ears by doing some regular habits which are so natural for almost all of us. Want to know what are these habits? See at the below: (Also Read: What Are The Best Home Made Energy Drinks During Pregnancy)

Extreme usage of headphones:
Using headphones are the most common acts people do from various ages. It is the most important activity while travelling, reading etc. The chances are high that they would have turned up the volume to the highest to enjoy their favourite song and drone out ambient noise. This can be super harmful to your ears in the long run. You may not understand it’s effects right now, but it would make you feel guilty at your later age.

When there is a hearing problem at an unexpected age, doctors diagnose the instances use of headphones which created a hearing loss. This problem is called noise-induced hearing loss. There are many studies say that permanent sensorineural hearing loss may happen with repeated exposure to noise deep into the ears. Hence, you have to be mindful of how long and how loud the music should be played into your ears. (Also Read: What Are The Ways You Can Beat Bloating)

When you earwax:
Do you know that earwax is good for the ears? There are many scientific studies say that earwax has ten antimicrobial peptides which are good for ears. They easily prevent bacteria and fungi which cause infections and inflammations inside the auditory canal. Thus, removing earwax can be harmful to your ears.

Ear piercing is a very famous but it can damage your ears. It may make you fashionable but make sure you do these piercing by the help of a professional person. Ear piercing is associated with an increase in severe infections with Pseudomonas and staphylococcus bacteria which is a quite unknown factor to us. Many people get reactions while they do piercing. If anyone of you gets the same immediately consult a doctor. (Also Read: What Are The Signs That Indicate Your Heart Is Not Working Properly)

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