What are the ways to protect yourself from smog in winters

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What are the ways to protect yourself from smog in winters

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With winters arrival there comes a lot of environmental changes. The worst change of all is the presence of the smog in the morning or in the evening. Basically, the smog belongs to the category of air pollutant. During the time of winter, the air is loaded with half done combustion, which in turn leads to smog. The possible causes of smog are burning coal, excessive air pollution due to vehicle or factories etc. The smog is extremely dangerous for health as it leads to various health hazards like coughing and chest irritation. It can harm your lungs and worsen the condition of Asthma. Smog is mostly made of nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds that are dangerous to your health. (Also read: What are the most amazing and interesting facts about proteins)

How to protect yourself in smog?

Avoid venturing outside
If you are someone who likes to ride a cycle in open or someone who enjoys an early morning jog, it is better to put it on hold for some time. Don’t venture outside until it is the only option. Try to stay indoors as much as you can.

Stay updated on the air readings
This one is a really crucial tip. Make sure you are following air quality readings, as this will help you to avoid the worst time to go out. You can follow the news for it or get an app for the same. (Also read: What are the signs of the milk allergy and its treatment)

Carry an inhaler all the time if you have asthma
If you suffering from asthma, then it is really important to carry your inhaler with you all the time. Smog has the worst impact on people with Asthma problems or other breathing troubles.

Air purifiers
You can fight the impact of smog buying air purifiers for your home or office. At the same time, you can opt for natural air purifying ways like beeswax candles or salt lamps.

Cover your face
If you can then invest in a quality air mask, it will help you to survive the season of smog. If that is not possible at all, then the least you can do is cover your face when you are going out.(Also read: What are the things you should never order in a restaurant)

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