What are the various food items we should avoid eating during winters

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What are the various food items we should avoid eating during winters

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We all know that winters are almost right here. Thus, we should aim at eating right and avoiding what could be harmful to the body. Our body needs extra care and energy during winters because of the extreme temperature. Our food preferences tell a lot about our body and it’s well being. Nowadays, most of the fruits and vegetables are available throughout the year. So, the basis on which people earlier used to rely that seasonal fruits and vegetables are best, is almost fading. But, this is one of the major mistakes we make. In order to treat your taste buds, one should stick to what is freshly produced and healthy for the body. (Also read: Why do we need sunlight in order to stay fit and healthy)

What are the various food items we should avoid eating during winters?

Asparagus: Though asparagus is considered as one of the best food to eat. It has great nutritious values. Asparagus is rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, C, E, K and B6 as well. Besides this, asparagus is available throughout the year. But the one which is best to consume is during the spring season. One must avoid eating asparagus in winters as it has low or almost no nutritious values. In fact, the quality of asparagus during winters is not up to the mark.

Peaches: Peaches are summer fruit. They are at their best when consumed in summer. Their juicy and delicious flavours disappear with time. Though you might see their availability in the market during winters as well. But they are of no good to the body. (Also read: How do tattoos affect your skin in the worst manner)

Sweet corns: Most of us like to have sweet corn soup during winters. Corns are usually imported from Mexico and the off seasonal availability of corn is not of a good quality. They are extreme in starch and should do no good to the body. Besides this, eating corn on the cob is better than eating corn made dishes.

Strawberries: Strawberries are one of the richest food when we consider their nutritious value. These are best due to their colour and the good that they do to our body. Phytonutrient content in strawberries is usually low as they are pale in colour during winters. Thus, one should avoid eating strawberries during winters.

Tomatoes: Summer tomatoes are juicy and best in their nutritious values. It loses when winters approach or if we consume stored tomatoes. Tomatoes of the winter season are usually tasteless and unhealthy to consume. (Also read: Why should one avoid using aluminium foil to wrap food)

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