What are the toxic things one use everyday

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What are the toxic things one use everyday

Do you use toxic things? Well, most of the people will deny the use of toxic things. They are unaware of what exactly are the toxins in their day to day life. The things that we touch every day without any delay are some of the most hazardous and the most intoxicated things. Eating healthy does not mean you are fit and fine, there are many other things that affect our health. Thus, it is necessary that we keep a note of the toxins of our life and be cautious while we use them and touch them. Listed below are some of the items from our day to day life which are dangerous to us. (Also read: What are the foods we should eat together to gain maximum nutrition)

What are the toxic things one use everyday

The most hazardous chemicals are present in perfumes and body sprays. The perfumes are flooded with toxic chemicals like benzaldehyde, camphor, ethyl acetate, benzyl acetate, linalool and even acetone which leads to irritation of skin, eyes and throat. It even troubles our lungs and kidneys. Not only this, it eventually makes us feel irritated and leads to drowsiness.

Cleaning Products: Cleaning products contain hazardous chemicals in them. So, we should go natural like cleaning with lemon, hot water, baking soda etc. We can’t skip cleaning process thus we should adopt a measure which has no harmful effects. Try to avoid cleaning products that contain phthalates and a chemical surfactant. (Also read: Why sleeping on left side of the body is beneficial)

Plastic containers:
What are the toxic things one use everyday

Plastic containers are made of the hazardous chemical called phthalates. It affects the endocrine system and affects the development of the body. It also affects the reproductive system of a person. Besides this, the plastic changes over a period of time and produces dangerous chemicals. However, using glass containers are the best option to stay healthy.

Non-stick cookware: Non-stick cookware is so much in use in Indian kitchens these days. When the temperature rises, there is a release of toxic gas which leads to the problem of reproduction. It even affects the health in a hazardous manner. There is a substance called polytetrafluoroethylene which makes the pans and cookware non-sticky, it is basically responsible for the release of poisonous gases. Thus, one should always go for stainless steel cookware to stay healthy and fit. (Also read: What are the myths about unhealthy food and nutrition that needs to be broken)

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