What are the things you must never lie to your doctor about

What are the things you must never lie to your doctor about

There is an old saying that one should never lie to lawyer and doctor about your real condition. Despite this many people fabricate lies when it comes to meeting their doctor. This happens because they feel embarrassed about some details in their life. However, your doctor is not there to judge you or your way of living. He or she is there to heal you and to help you to live a healthy life. So, there are some things that you must never ever lie to your doctor about. So, let’s find out about it! (Also read: How to improve your eyesight in natural ways)

Your diet routine
Your diet has a major impact on your health. However, many people feel the urge to hide their actual diet routine to appear more fitness savvy. The only person you are fooling with it is your own self. Doctors must know truthfully what is your diet to understand your health better.

There are many health problems that occur due to a certain age, such as menopause in a woman or joint pain. In this situation, it is important to never lie to your doctor as he or she needs to know your age to advice you in the right way. (Also read: What are the most common triggers of a migraine)

Medical history
Your medical history is the reflection of the past of your health. Any doctor, no matter what treatment or problem you have, will ask for your medical history. Lying about your medical history is not just pointless but also potentially dangerous.

Mental state
You don’t need to put on a show for your doctor. He or she is there to help you as needed. So, if you dealing with negative feelings or anxiety be truthful to your doctor about it.

Sexual history
Your sexual history includes your partners, last time you were sexually involved or do you have a sexually transferrable disease or unprotected sex. All these things are an important part of your overall health and you must be honest with your doctor about it.  (Also read: Why having dessert is actually a good decision for your health)

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