What are the things that you should never add to your coffee

What are the things that you should never add to your coffee

Who doesn’t like a cup of coffee to start the day? Coffee helps you fight the drowsy feeling in the morning every day. Especially those who work late at night swear by coffee for staying alert. However, most of us forget that coffee shouldn’t be mixed with everything or anything you desire. When you add extra things like sugar or cream to the coffee then you are simply toying with your health. Coffee can be great to keep to alert, but you have to be careful with the add-ins with it. So, what are the things you should never add to your coffee? (Also read: What are the signs of the milk allergy and its treatment)

Syrups for flavour
Most people experiment a lot with the flavour of coffee. It is usually done to enhance its taste. However, flavour syrups are full of extra calories that can lead to weight gain.

Artificial sweeteners
Most of us think that opting for artificial sweeteners instead of sugar is a really smart decision. This isn’t true at all, artificial sweeteners can really harm your health as they are simply synthesized sugar. So, they lead to increase calories intake and weight gain.

Whipped cream
Everyone in a line of a high-end coffee shop takes extra pride in ordering a coffee with whipped cream. However, many people forget that whipped cream is nothing more than a pile of high fructose corn syrup which has no nutrition count. It simply leads to weight gain. Sometimes the whipped cream contains nitrous oxide that is harmful to your health. (Also read: Why you should give up dairy right now)

People often love adding sugar to their coffee. It is no secret that sugar leads to a wide range of health issues like obesity. Those who are really coffee enthusiasts claim that that real taste of coffee is usually destroyed by adding sugar to it.

Butter is an offbeat choice for add-ins in coffee but many people like to add it. The butter is a refined fat and source of carbs. So, if you are on a diet, butter in coffee is the worst decision. (Also read: What are the things you should never order in a restaurant)

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