What are the things one should keep in mind before donating blood

What are the things one should keep in mind before donating blood

Donating blood is one of the best practice. If you donate blood, it can save someone’s life and will help you to generate new blood in your body. Besides this, it is the most selfless thing, one can do for stretching a helping hand to someone. Moreover, donating blood do not create any health issue. It even helps you to have good and fresh blood in the body again. All you need to do is eat healthily and stay active. Blood donation can save millions of lives and is one of the best social services.

Here are few tips one must follow before going to donate blood:

Eat something and make sure you are not empty stomach: Before going for blood donation, make sure you are not empty stomach and have eaten something. Usually, after blood donation, people go dizzy or sometimes even faint. It causes nausea and weakness in the body. Thus, eat something before you go for the donation of blood.

One must undergo a checkup: It is good and one of the healthy practices, to have a checkup done before you opt to donate your blood. It is better to be sure of your haemoglobin level according to your age and body weight. Sometimes, the level of haemoglobin drops down so much that doctor denies the donor for blood donation. It is also best to be sure of your well being before you go for the donation of blood. (Also read: What Are The Foods One Should Avoid)

Rest after donating blood: Usually, after the donation, the donor might feel dizzy or fainted. Thus, it is good to donate blood and rest for some time. Stay seated or keep lying down in the particular position to keep yourself fit. On an average it will take around 20 minutes to donate blood, thus make sure even after that you rest.

One should eat right after donation: Yes, a slight weakness will be felt by you, once you will donate blood. So make sure you eat healthily or drink a glass of juice right after the donation. Do not eat too spicy or oily food. Eat light but healthy food may be like fruits or sprouts.

Don’t stress yourself too much: You might feel okay after the blood donation but there is a slight internal weakness in the body. So don’t over stress yourself to the extent that you become absolute tired and lifeless. Try to relax and take a break from a hectic schedule. (Also read: How to know that our body is absorbing sufficient minerals and vitamins)

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